Introducing SkyFi Wireless Internet

high-speed wireless internet

SkyFi Wireless Internet is LocalTel's exciting new way of delivering High-Speed Internet in Chelan and Douglas Counties where PUD Fiber is not yet available. SkyFi delivers fast, reliable Internet speeds with little to no latency.


SkyFi is great for Netflix, Skype, YouTube, gaming and more!

You will never want to go back to satellite Internet or DSL!


SkyFi is now available in most of Chelan and Douglas counties, including outlying rural areas!

Ubiquiti Wierless networks

Get Connected!    Call: 509-888-8888

Residential Pricing*


down with 1Mbps up
bursting speeds up to 100Mbps



down with 2Mbps up
bursting speeds up to 100Mbps



down with 2Mbps up
bursting speeds up to 100Mbps



down with 2Mbps up
bursting speeds up to 100Mbps


Custom Service

choose your up & down speeds

By Quote

*Taxes and fees not included. Prices subject to change without notice.

SkyFi VoIP Phone Service


phone service - unlimited local calling*
long distance at 5.9¢ per minute


*Chelan and Douglas County


minutes long distance


Continential U.S. and Canada

+ Unlimited

long distance


Continential U.S. and Canada

+ "Preferred" Phone Features

call waiting, cancel call waiting, caller ID, *69, 12# block,
basic voice mail, three-way calling, call waiting caller ID,
and call forwarding variable.


*In emergency situations, 911 will not work if your internet is down.

Get SkyFi Wireless Internet

Contact us! A SkyFi representative will be able to map your location and see if SkyFi Wireless Internet is available at your location.

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SkyFi Inquiries: (509) 888-8888

341 Grant Road
East Wenatchee WA 98802

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Physical Address to Receive SkyFi:

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We will use this address to verify whether or not you are within the range of one of our SkyFi towers.

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