PAC 12

Pac-12 Washington

LocalTel TV will be carrying Pac-12 Washington in Both HD and SD

Chelan & Douglas County TV CustomersAugust 15 - LocalTel launches PAC-12 Washington for all of our expanded customers. For Husky or Cougar fans, this will be your channel.

In Douglas County it will be on Channel 34 in HD & SD.

In Chelan County it will (temporarily) be on Channel 78 with an HD Channel coming in a week or so.
Note: LocalTel will soon be re-organizing our Expanded Line-up as to place this channel with the other sports channels

Pac-12 Washington will carry both WSU and UW sporting events with 5 planned televised football games. It will also carry over 40 Live Basketball games as well as hundreds of other live events and News for the State of Washington.

Planned coverage will include Baseball, Basketball (M/W), Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics (M/W), Lacrosse (M/W), Rowing, Rugby, Soccer (M/W), Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball (M/W), Water Polo (M/W), and Wrestling.

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Pac-12 National in HD Coming Soon

LocalTel also plans to carry the Pac-12 National feed in both Chelan and Douglas Counties. The National Feed will carry the Best Rated Games & Events of the Pac-12 teams. This will be a great all around channel to keep up with the entire Pac-12 division.

The Pac-12 Schools includes Arizona, Arizona State, California, Stanford, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, USC, Utah, WSU and UW.

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